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Our course is the only EMS ultrasound course run entirely by paramedics, for paramedics. With 30+ years of clinical experience in the leadership group alone. All with extensive experience in educational instruction. Our courses have a clinical benefit focus unlike else anything on the market that comes directly from our real world experience in the use of EMS ultrasound.

Super Users

Previous strategies in EMS ultrasound education consisted of experts training users for 4 hours once. But when the experts leave, the clock is ticking on skill degradation. Our course is different. Send us your best and we will make them super-users. Trained in not just one exam, but in ultrasound. And with a heavy focus on building the practices necessary to keep that skill level high and learn new skills via the online FOAMed community. With our course, the experts come back to your agency and only get better.

Adult Learning

While we have taught prehospital ultrasound since 2009, our experience alone was not good enough. We have since partnered with some of the best minds in adult learning theory, like Ashley Leibig of The Teaching Institute to improve our courses even more. We will never stop improving and finding better ways to make this training stick. Rest assured, no one else is as committed to making sure your people are trained right as we are.

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What else we provide?

Off-site QI

One of the most important functions of an ultrasound director is the timely over-reading of ultrasounds and prompt feedback as an educational tool to help improve the user’s ultrasound skills. Using the HIPAA compliant ClipDeidentifier from Ben Smith MD (@ultrasoundjelly) we have a physician led group of ultrasound experts that can provide this service offline.

The POCUS Handbook

We are the only training course to also have authored a textbook on ultrasound. With two versions available, one designed to be carried and studied by the individual, the other designed to be kept on the ambulance.

Course in a box

While we would prefer to personally train all of your staff, we understand the immense cost of this training. Therefore we can also provide you with a course in a box for your super-users to take home. This will provide them with everything they need to train your staff on basic ultrasound exams.

Off-site Assistance

Starting and maintaining a prehospital ultrasound program can be stressful. We’re here to help. From deciding deployment strategies and equipment selection to continued education and QI issues, we are more than just a training service. From a few minutes on the phone to someone at your door, we can provide.

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Upcoming Courses/Events

Don't miss us at our upcoming courses and events!

  • FlightBridgeED/EMSPOCUS Course - March 19th - Nashville, TN
  • Philips EMS Ultrasound Open House - April 20th - Lexington, KY
  • Comprehensive EMS Ultrasound Course - April 21st & 22nd - Lexington, KY
  • Comprehensive EMS Ultrasound Course - Tentative in June - Lexington, KY
  • EMS World 2018 - October 29th - November 2nd - Nashville, TN

What our clients say

“Recently our critical care paramedic students participated in a two-day point of care ultrasound course in partnership with UK Healthcare and EMSPocus. We were lucky enough to receive top-notch instruction from Dr. Jason Bowman who also happens to be a critical care paramedic himself and co-founder of EMSPocus. His instruction was tailored to realistically enhancing care in the back of an ambulance and improving diagnostic momentum. We would like to thank him for his time and expert instruction; all of the students agree that this was an amazing course.”

Jessamine County EMS Clinical Educator / JCEMS

“Heart activity, we can see lung activity, it’s helped us quite a bit already with finding IVs… We’ve already found a few patients with like pneumonia and if there’s fluid in their lungs we can see all that… It saves our patients a lot of time, it helps us determine what treatments we need to do on the way to the hospital. My crew yesterday had a trauma patient that they weren’t able to find an IV on, and they were able to find one with this… We can show up and show them the video of it already done, they know right where to head and to start a treatment protocol right away instead of have to figure out what it was… It gets them the antibiotics and the fluids and the stuff a lot quicker than having to sit around to wait for the doctor to do the ultrasound himself… We can also see blood in the abdomen from traumas, collapsed lungs, stuff like that that is life threatening that we can fix right away that could potentially save their life.”

Williamson County EMS John Hamilton, Senior Medical Officer, Williamson County EMS


About us

EMSPOCUS is an international collaboration of prehospital providers with the mission of improving prehospital care through ultrasound, with the ultimate goal of becoming an exhaustive resource for research, education and advocacy pertaining to field and transport sonography.

We are all paramedics; however, some of us were bored one day (or lost, depends on who you talk to) and also became nurses and physicians. Our primary focus is sonography in the prehospital and retrieval arena, but we hope that providers in other specialties can adapt this information for use in their own practice.

This concept was born after SMACC Chicago in 2015. It came together one day following SMACC when we were all throwing ideas back and forth 140 characters at a time. We all agreed that this is a very dynamic and practice changing (think 12-lead of our time) diagnostic tool that is being sorely neglected in the field. We are here to take the hocus out of POCUS and to add it to the prehospital provider’s tool kit.

We belive in and support #FOAMed

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