…in the beginning, there was a wolf pack

So I have had this site for more than a week and have stared at this exact screen for about as long. I have no idea how or where to start this thing. As the title suggests, the beginning is the best place I can figure to start this off at. Due to my Texas public school education, I do want to apologize now and forever about my grammar.

Way back when (last month) I was by myself at SMACCUS in Chicago for the first time and knew a grand total of zero people at this amazing conference (seriously, check it out). I was attempting to use Twitter when I started seeing #emsworlfpack all over my feed with an announcement to come regarding a hangout at a pub. Lo and behold, the back of this place was packed with EMS folks from all over the world. The next few days were an amazing time of making new friends, going to talks and sharing drinks with paramedics from everywhere. It was really during one of these fuzzy late nights in Chicago that we started talking about the future; nothing organized just chatter here and there.

After we all had left Chicago and gone home we turned to Twitter to feed our now constant need for anything critical care and cutting edge (seriously even this would have eased our SMACC withdrawals a little bit). Point of care of ultrasound (POCUS) for EMS was mentioned one day and everyone took off with it on Twitter. However, it became apparent that only a small number of services use it, the only studies that exist are ongoing and it would be an amazing tool for us in the field. So as of now we have formed a small work group of folks who are interested in this topic to start brainstorming and researching.

What are we brainstorming and researching about? Our end goal is to have EMS POCUS and its use to be a standard of care for pre-hospital medicine. How this will happen is our primary focus as of right now and honestly it is an overwhelming beast to deal with. During our last Google Hangouts I fully realized how big of a beast we are dealing with. I had probably 30 different tabs open on my browser. Well, three panic attacks later I came full circle to an old saying, “How do you eat a whale?”. So instead of this blog suddenly appearing out of the ether with all of these great ideas, resources and forward movement, it will serve a different purpose for now. It will be a place where we show everyone the struggle, the success and the madness that will come with trying to accomplish our end goal. Now, don’t get me wrong, we do want this blog to serve as an advocacy site with that great forward movement and momentum but it all takes time.

So if ya’ll are willing to stick it out with us and you are willing to join us in conversation. We can build that forward momentum together. And as a note here, we here at EMS POCUS do not take any money from ANY ultrasound company, medical device company nor are we looking to make money from this endeavor.

Now…let’s bring some upstairs care downstairs and out the back of the ambulance bay doors!

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