And here we are. We made it. October 15, 2015. Resus Saturnalia. The magical date every five years that marks the new epoch of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, courtesy of the powers that be at ILCOR, the American Heart Association and European Resuscitation Council.

Despite my enthusiasm counting down to the midnight release, I didn’t make it, much to my chagrin. I passed out on the couch somewhere around 2330 CST. Total amateur (perhaps even #ResusWanker) move. At first blush, it doesn’t appear that there are any earth shattering changes, invoking mock celebration at the long-coming release of the 2010 guidelines across social media. I’m sure I’ll have my own opinionated rant in the coming days after some time with it.

So why the hell am I going on about this anyway? No, I’m not abusing my admin rights to blather on with my own personal rants. It just so happens that our friends at ERC left a little present for us:
ERC 2015 Summary Adult ALSERC 2015 Summary ALS Algo

What does this mean for resuscitationists in the hospital and the field? We’re going to help you out with that question very soon.

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