Handheld vs Portable Ultrasound Machines: Which is Right for Your Practice

Handheld vs Portable Ultrasound Machines

Are you in the market for an ultrasound machine, but unsure of which type to choose? Whether you’re a healthcare professional or a patient seeking information, it’s important to understand the differences between handheld and portable ultrasound machines. These two types of machines have different features, benefits, and limitations, and it’s crucial to select the … Read more

Where Can I Get an Ultrasound Done Today?


Ultrasounds, also known as sonograms, are a common and important diagnostic tool used by healthcare providers. They use high-frequency sound waves to create images of the inside of the body, allowing doctors to assess and diagnose various conditions. Ultrasounds are non-invasive and painless, making them a popular choice for many types of exams. What is … Read more

How to Read an Ultrasound Picture: A Step-by-Step Guide


An ultrasound is a medical imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the inside of the body. It is non-invasive, painless, and does not expose the patient to any radiation. Ultrasounds are often used to visualize the organs and structures inside the body, including the uterus, ovaries, prostate, liver, gallbladder, and … Read more

Ultrasound Machine for Physical Therapy: Benefits, Uses, and Safety

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Ultrasound machines are commonly used by physical therapists to help patients recover from joint pain, muscle strain, and other similar conditions. This non-invasive technology uses high frequency sound waves to stimulate tissue healing, reduce swelling and inflammation, and increase blood flow in the treated area. The use of ultrasound machines for physical therapy ensures that … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Ultrasound Gels


Ultrasound gels are an essential part of any medical practice or home ultrasound kit. Not only do they help facilitate the transmission of sound waves during an ultrasound examination, but they also help improve image quality and patient comfort. But with so many different ultrasound gels on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose … Read more

Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel Review


Aquasonic manufactures ultrasound gel, and they have been providing superior quality products since 1973. Their commitment to high-caliber innovation and customer service has established them as a leader in the ultrasound gel industry. Aquasonic uses only the highest grade of ingredients for their products, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards of safety and … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Home Ultrasound Machines for Pregnancy

Home Ultrasound Machine for Pregnancy

Home ultrasound machines provide expecting parents with an additional tool for monitoring the development of their unborn child. Ultrasound is a safe and non-invasive imaging technology that uses sound waves to produce black-and-white images of the fetus during pregnancy. Home ultrasound machines are relatively inexpensive and allow expecting parents to monitor fetal growth progress at … Read more