We’re not dead. Yet.

That’s right folks, the rumors of the hot tub incident after things got weird at our Christmas party were greatly exaggerated. Even though it seems that we’ve been neglecting all of you, our loyal supporters, we’ve actually been ridiculously busy behind the scenes working on the future of EMSPOCUS. And with the whole “lives outside of EMSPOCUS thing.” Which is a bit overrated, if you ask me.
In case you missed the news, we sat down last weekend with Alex Mckenzie (@paramedic_al), the silky-smooth voice behind the best damn EMS Wolfpack podcast around, The Howl (@emshowl). Check out the epic interview in episode two, spanning three continents and far too many time zones.
For those of you without the attention span to listen to this piece of podcast gold (shame on you), we talked about some big events we’ve got coming up in the first half of 2016. We’ll be presenting our first big workshop for fellow PHARMers on April 1 (no, seriously, it’s not a prank) in Philadelphia at the East Coast Helicopter Operations (@eastcoastheliop) Critical Care Weekend (follow the weekend at #ECHOphilly). A big “thank you” to Sam Matta (@luigisdad) for inviting us out.
Next, we’ll trek across the Atlantic to Ireland for the EMS Gathering (@EMSgathering) in Killearney, June 9 and 10. For those attending the Gathering, we will be presenting the same workshop on both days, so feel free to show some love to the other great classes going on (or prove your allegiance and come to both of ours…and buy us beer).
And for the big announcement: there’s another small conference going on up the road in Dublin the following week…I believe it’s called smaccDUB or something like that. To commemorate the one-year anniversary of our meeting (well, most of us), we’re putting together a romantic evenning of POCUS, and you’re all invited. Mark your calendars for the evening of June 13th (following the preconference workshops at smaccDUB). We’re renting a pub. Not a room in a pub. The whole damn place–lessons were learned from last year’s inaugural meeting of the Wolfpack. And we’re going to have plenty of ultrasound equipment there.
Come on out and learn something in what we’d like to think is a pretty unique setting. And hey, even if it sucks, there will be beer. And if you say you won’t be drinking beer that night already…well, you’re a filthy liar. There’s really no risk here. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!

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