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Ah yes, the fabled EMSPOCUS resource list is finally here! Cue the confetti and the balloon drop! The resources we list here are ones that we personally use and love. All of the ultrasound resources we list here are ones that we guide our students to. In a data-driven and deluged world, we hope to help clear it up a bit with this list of resources we utilize for ultrasound and in our professional lives. We not only hope this helps pique your interest in ultrasound but, like us, helps to guide you on your educational journey.

Free Open Sources Medical Ultrasound (#FOAMus)

Zedu Ultrasound Training Solutions

Our Australian friends who have not only supported us since before our founding but have continued to be a pillar of support for us since then. Zedu provides many free resources, from teaching tips to DIY ultrasound phantoms. Still, they also have created a weekly review of all of the essential happenings on #FOAMus.

Paramedic Ultrasound

This excellent website was created and is run by the Godfather of EMS Ultrasound himself, Peter Bonadonna. Peter’s website is an excellent resource to start with when first learning about ultrasound’s uses but also provides a comprehensive list of further reading and resources.

5 Min Sono

If you have taken our Comprehensive Ultrasound Course or our Fundamentals of Ultrasound Course, you will not only recognize these videos but the voice of their masterful creator, Dr. Jacob Avilla. We love these videos so much, but that is only partially the reason that we have partnered with Dr. Avilla for our classes. These 5 Min Sono videos are of high quality, information-dense, and they cover almost everything you can imagine about ultrasound. On the 5 Min Sono website, you will also find Dr. Avilla’s Podcast under the same name. Speaking of podcasts‚Ķ

Ultrasound Podcast

A podcast that features a who’s who of the ultrasound education world; Dr. Matt Dawson, Dr. Mike Mallin, Dr. Mike Stone, and of course, Dr. Jacob Avilla. This podcast has served as another invaluable resource for us over the years and their content has kept us as inspired as we were when we first picked up a probe. Seriously, if it weren’t for these guys who were at SMACC Chicago, we wouldn’t be here today.

Paramedic Ultrasound Research Group

This is an independent, international collaboration among professionals interested in conducting research into point of care ultrasound for Paramedics. Seeking to expand the scientific and research foundation for the Paramedic Profession, this group is forging the groundwork for the future on which we can further improve patient care with ultrasound.

The Point of Care Ultrasound Handbook

Yes, we wrote a fantastic handbook that is meant to be carried in your pocket, yes, a chapter was featured on EMCrit, and yes, it is the workhorse for our classes. This book was a labor of love, and like everything we do, it was created to be useful. We wrote this handbook written to be rapidly useful for the novice and the expert, at all times of your shift.

Non-Ultrasound Free Open Access Medical Education (#FOAMed) Resources


One of our partner organizations, the folks over at FlightBridgeED offers free, high-quality medical education through their blogs, articles, and, most of all, their podcasts. Their podcasts include The FlightBridgeED Podcast, The Secondshift Podcast, Mind Body Medic, EMS Lighthouse Project, and Ginger Locke’s Medic Mindset. They also offer online review courses, several excellent books, and their FAST20 conference.


Come for their blog and podcast, stay for their goofy antics and courses. One of our favorite Paramedic FOAMed resources, they produce an incredible amount of high-quality educational material that we have found inspiring over the years. Seriously, go check them out, their antics alone will keep you entertained.


Standing for, Anesthesia Trauma and Critical Care, this course is not just a replacement or stand-in for ATLS but is the peak of evolution for delivering pre-hospital trauma care. This course combines modern adult education theory, high fidelity (really high fidelity) simulation, and ever-evolving research. Their course manual is free to download on their website and is continuously updated.

Brave African Discussions in Emergency Medicine (badEM)

This blog and resource are run by some truly amazing medical providers from all over the African Continent but mainly located in South Africa. They have created a truly unique conference, badEMfest20, that is unlike any other conference any of us have ever attended.

Stay tuned for more to be added in the future. And remember, give us a like and follow on your favorite social media platform for all things EMSPOCUS!

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