CastleFest 2020

Well, this is simultaneously really great and really terrible. We spent all winter building a trebuchet so we could get into CastleFest 2020. Instead of laying siege to the Kentucky Castle, they instead invited us to teach a course there. I know we were all looking forward to seeing us with beards, overfilled tankards, and stereotypical Viking helmets (yes, we are aware the horned helmets typically associated with Vikings were created for the Opera, don’t @ us).

No, but seriously, we are beside ourselves with excitement for this conference. We have always dreamed of attending this conference, but we aren’t, we are TEACHING AT IT! An EMS specific pre-conference course has been added, and your favorite pre-hospital ultrasound educators will be teaching it. We plan on not only upping our game for this conference but premiering parts of our new pre-conference course at CastleFest 2020. Our pre-conference course will take place on May 4th, 2020, and tickets can be found here.

If you want more, and we know you do, there is “Castlefest ResusFest,” which will be led by Haney Mallemat and from the description. “…this course teaches you how the master of resuscitation himself thinks about the crashing patient.” May 7th covers general critical care topics, and then on May 8th, critical care will meet advanced ultrasound topics for the critical care provider. Prices for the other portions of the conference are located on the same ticket page and are not included in the price for the pre-conference course.

We will be there for the entire conference, so please make sure you stop by and say hi to us. We may still bring the trebuchet with us in case we forget our keys to our classroom.

For tickets to the conference, follow this link and make sure to let us know on our Facebook page if you are attending.

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