EMSWorld 2018, and what 2019 looks like for us

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Last week was a great week for EMSPOCUS. Hollywood Undead released a new album out of the blue, and we just wrapped up a fantastic week at EMSworld in Nashville, TN. It was a great time meeting up with all of our friends as always. Plus, we got to meet a ton of new friends as well. What could be better, right?

The best part was the interest in EMS ultrasound as a whole. I've been teaching EMS ultrasound since 2009. Fairly certain it was around that time I went to EMSworld as a guest of Sonosite to teach ultrasound. I spoke for just a couple minutes to about 12 people. All of whom were interested and forward thinking. All of whom also asked me "why ultrasound." Well that question has shifted over the years.

This year I was approached by nothing but people asking me "how ultrasound." We had so much mature interest in ultrasound and our training that we had to start telling people we weren't quite sure how we could train them just yet. We've gone from having one small workshop, to selling out a large workshop last year to selling out two large workshops this year. It's honestly incredible.

Our company started off as a blog before it transitioned to a training company. Now I've always done training but I wasn't doing it well (topic for a future blog post to discuss). So we developed our new comprehensive ultrasound course and launched it last year. We started it with adding Jamie Goodpaster and Ashley Liebig into the roster. We quickly realized we were running a skeleton crew and added our good friend Chris Guttierez into the mix as well. This brought our roster of actual instructors up to 5 (Ashley doesn't usually teach but helps on the back end).

About an hour into day 2 of EMSworld we realized this wasn't enough. That we needed to expand and we needed to expand quickly. So in an unprecedented move we went from 5 instructors, to 10 instructors. Big news right?!? I can't describe how awesome twitter and the FOAMed movement have been for us. We owe our origin and a vast amount of our success to this network of people. And it's this very network of our colleagues and friends that we tapped to expand our cadre. Every one of these instructors has proven themselves to be a leader in EMS education and/or research. It will take us some time to get them up to speed on our processes and to our level with ultrasound knowledge so please give us a little time to get everyone up to speed.

Our goal with this expansion is to handle the onslaught of education needs we expect to see with the maturity we are seeing in this market and with what we expect from agencies that have been waiting for the Butterfly to hit the market. These new instructors will be coming through our classes as students and adjuncts over the next few months and will be ready to take on full instructor roles hopefully by mid-year.

So to recap, EMSworld18 was a pivotal year for us. Having come to this conference for almost a decade talking about ultrasound, I've never seen a reaction like this. Rest assured, EMSPOCUS is poised and ready to take over as THE ONLY EMS ULTRASOUND EDUCATION IN THE WORLD. See you soon.




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Saturday, 19 June 2021
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