Meet Our Team

Jason Bowman MD, MS, CCEMTP (@texprehospital)

Co-Founder, Medical Director

Bowman started off as a Firefighter/Paramedic in 2004 and eventually stumbled his way through medical school and is currently in Emergency Medicine Residency. He is a glutton for punishment and just signed on for 2 more years as a medical critical care fellow. As a paramedic Bowman spearheaded the Keller Fire/Rescue ultrasound program which was one of the most aggressive EMS ultrasound programs in the world. He is a bonafide ultrasound nerd and will ultrasound veins for IV’s, heads for strokes, hearts for cardiac arrests and just about anything else that will sit still long enough to let him put gel on it. Besides ultrasound he enjoys long walks on the beach and bringing things back to life in his mad scientist resuscitation laboratory.

Role in the company: Bowman is a co-founder, instructor and the medical director for the company. He designed the majority of the course curriculum, authored the textbook and builds the custom models used in the class. He is also the web designer and graphic artist. Bowman is the primary point of contact for EMS ultrasound research in the company.

Branden Miesemer NRP, FP-C (@bmiesemer)


Branden started out as a mass communications major in college before inadvertently tripping and falling head first into the swirling vortex of paramedicine. He long ago accepted his fate and now serves full time as a HEMS paramedic in Nebraska, as well as being heavily involved in education. When he’s not working or engaged in various medical nerdy, he enjoys driving too fast and playing his music too loudly.

Role in the company: Branden is a co-founder and instructor, he helps design the educational curriculum and is the primary point of contact for the conferences we attend. Branden serves as the primary editor for the company as Bowman is borderline illiterate in grammar. Branden is the auxiliary graphic artist (generous), and makes terrible memes that somehow still break the internet.

Jason Boitnott RN, BSN (@madmedic809)


Boitnott is our resident Paramedic/Nurse and history buff who even though he works in the ICU he still thinks he is on the street. He apparently got separated from his partner one day in the ED trying to find the EMS room and ended up in Nursing School. Jason currently works in an ICU (yup bringing up stairs care downstairs and then out the back door to the truck) in Colorado. He does not have any conflicts of interest to declare, although never get into an argument with him about BBQ.

Role in the company: Boitnott is a Co-Founder and instructor. He handles the majority of our social media presence. Boitnott also serves as a backup editor as Bowman's illiteracy is really that bad. Boitnott is also spear heading our foray into special fx for increased simulation fidelity and military applications of ultrasound.

Eric Bauer MBA, FP-C, CCP-C, C-NPT, EMT-P (@FlightBridgeED)

Director of Operations

Eric Bauer is a former flight medic and founder of FlightBridgeED. Eric is well known for his passion for excellence in education. He is a national leader in critical care paramedicine education and has authored a best selling book on ventilator management.

Role in the company: Eric and his team handle the business aspects of EMSPOCUS including sales, planning and coordinating upcoming classes and products. Eric has been an integral part of our success from long before he was officially part of the company as a personal mentor to us on both our book and our little project that has become this company. His formal addition is a welcome one to the team and we are grateful for the vast amount of experience he brings to the table.

Jamie Goodpaster NRP, FP-C (@jgood2831)

Core Content Developer, Instructor

Jamie Goodpaster is the Director of EMS at Jessamine County EMS. He has paramedic experience in the streets, the hospital and the air. Prior to his directorship Jamie was the Education Coordinator for Jessamine county EMS and developed the CCPC/FPC program there through extensive use of online learning platforms. Jamie helped push the state of Kentucky EMS Medical Directors Board to adopt prehospital ultrasound and made Jessamine County EMS one of the first agencies in the state to use ultrasound in the field.

Role in the company: Jamie is an instructor and is primarily in charge of the online curriculum of the course. Jamie also handles the majority of the comprehensive course's logistical planning. Jamie is helping develop the continuing education component of the course as well, along with helping run the EMS ultrasound research projects. When he's not teaching he plays one hell of a Ron Burgundy.

Ashley Liebig RN, BSN, CCRN (@ashleyliebig)

Adult Learning and Human Factors Expert

Ashley Voss-Liebig, RN, BSN, CCRN is the Division Chief for Clinical Performance and Education in Travis County Texas. She is a senior flight nurse and helicopter rescue specialist with STAR Flight. She is a veteran 101st Airborne combat medic. She has sat on the SMACC Organizing Committee for years and is heavily involved in The Teaching Co-op. Her reseach interests include Medical Education, POCUS, and Human Performance.

Role in the company: As an expert in adult learning and human factors research Ashley helps keep the course as modern and up to date with andragogical theory as possible. Ashley also helps conduct research in learning retention with our course design and feedback and is part of the research projects of the company as well.

Chris Guttierez FF/Paramedic (@chris_gtz)


Chris is a Firefighter and Paramedic for Lincoln Fire Department (Lincoln, NE). He recently spearheaded the adoption of multiple FOAMed techniques like SALAD and VL intubation at his FD/EMS.

Role in the company: Chris is one of our newer instructors and is working to adopt EMS ultrasound at his agency. Chris is one of the newer members of our group and helps keep the rest of us grounded to what those who haven't been immersed in this stuff for years need to know early on.

Phil Ward NRP, FP-C (@stat2medic)


Phil is an Educator/Clinical Quality Improvement Coordinator for the Division of Clinical Performance and Education in Travis County, Texas, and a Helicopter Rescue Specialist/Flight Paramedic with STAR Flight. He also currently serves as the Vice-President of the Board of Directors for the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics and as adjunct faculty at Temple College in Central Texas.  Phil began his career as a firefighter/paramedic and has experience in 911 transport, NICU/PICU Specialty transport and 6 years in HEMS and FW transport.  He loves to travel with his crowd (which includes his bride) and terrorize Ashley Voss-Liebig.

Chris Meeks CCP-C, FP-C, EMT-P (@MindBody_Medic)


Chris Meeks is a Critical Care Flight Paramedic for Tulsa Lifeflight and critical care paramedic training officer. He is an instructor with FlightBridgeED and is founder and host of the Mind Body Medic podcast. He is also currently involved in resuscitation research trials.

Carl Cowan MS, NRP, CCP-C (@cacowan)


Carl Cowan, MS, NRP, CCP-C is a seasoned emergency services professional and the current Emergency Management Program Manager for Harvard University. In this role, Carl directs University-wide Emergency Management training and planning initiatives, and coordinates disaster and emergency-response activities for both Academic and Central Administration Units.

Carl’s most recent prior experience was with Global Rescue LLC, an international security and emergency medical solutions provider. There he supervised the Boston Operations Center, its contingent of emergency response personnel, and was responsible for the disaster response activities or medical evacuation missions coordinated from that office.

Carl recently completed the Master of Science program in Healthcare Emergency Management from Boston University – but continues to root for Syracuse University (his undergraduate alma mater) where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Information Management and Technology. Carl had the pleasure of beginning his career in emergency services serving Syracuse University, as well as the greater Syracuse area.

Sam Ireland CCP-P, FP-C (@ireland_sam1)


Sam Ireland is critical care paramedic as well as co-founder and heavy contributor to the FOAMfrat podcast and blog. He is a world class educator in the prehospital medicine arena.

Daniel Korzelik NRP, FP-C (@daniel_korzelik)


Daniel Korzelik is a critical care flight medic with Erlanger health system in Tennessee and uses ultrasound daily in the care of his critically ill patients.